Album Review: Jimmy Barnes, Soul Searchin'

Jimmy Barnes' Soul Searchin' is out now.

Jimmy Barnes' Soul Searchin' is out now.

Jimmy Barnes

Soul Searchin'



In spite of seeing Barnes in concert a couple of times, I never took to his almost histrionic shouting style – not enough subtle nuances or variation from album to album for me.

The plain fact was that I always thought, after Cold Chisel broke up in 1983, that his career suited the RSL clubs, in the way I also saw Andrew Strong's (The Commitments) career progression.

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But, with nine No.1 albums (Australia), including this disc, under his belt, it might be time to change my view.

Going to the well spring of Southern soul, that of Nashville, could have been a disaster, as many a singer has made that mistake, only to find out that the dream can often be nothing more than another session from those battle-hardened session men.

Yet, here we have Barnes searching and finding many less-known gems, though Dark End of The Street is included, and imbuing them with a real sense of what soul is about.

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Precise, emotional readings and crack musicians sometime do, an album make.

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