Seven Sharp off to dismal start

18:44, Feb 04 2013
seven sharp
LIGHT AND BREEZY TONE: Seven Sharp with presenters, from left, Jesse Mulligan, Ali Mau and Greg Boyed.

Seven Sharp

TV One, 7pm

Reviewed by Jane Bowron

The news went south with a vengeance last night on Seven Sharp,the pseudo- current-affairs show that is TV One's desperate attempt to go after the social networking audience, as the three hosts entreated viewers to tweet, text, poll and Facebook.


Against a backdrop of a cavernous empty room, the three hosts babbled like brooks sounding like a third form debating team - but that's an insult to third formers.

The opening segment was a dull show-and-tell tour of Parliament, with John Key, Paula Bennett and Trevor Mallard putting in appearances, while back at base comedian Jesse Mulligan gave viewers a babyish potted history of the Labour Party and the three Daves, which left you wondering just what kind of audience and demographic they were aiming at.

Staunch TV One viewers who have stuck fast and done a Dave, as in Dobbyn, staying loyal to TV One no matter what, would have leapt over to Campbell Live, which aced Seven Sharp with its focus on the Christchurch homeless.

After the fluff piece on the inner sanctum of Parliament and a silly poll where viewers were invited to send in suggestions about whose hand the prime minister should hold, a mood- changing piece about a soldier who had returned from Afghanistan and had suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder was inserted into the narrative.

The tragedy of the soldier, who nearly took his life, jarred with the determinedly light and breezy tone of the show.

At the end of it host Greg Boyed remarked what rubbish Kiwi men were at seeking help as the other two hosts chimed in with the advice that if at first you don't succeed in getting good help, try, try again.

To finish the show off, we were promised an international star who "picked his nose". It turned out to be singer Josh Groban, who turned in a phoned tepid interview with Boyed.

What a mistake employing the Sharp word in the title, as Seven Flat was more fitting to the bewildering half-hour of non-news and asinine views.

Alison Mau as senior anchor was once again underwhelming (Pippa Wetzell was the man for the job), Mulligan looked like he was trying to sell you a shirt in menswear, and Boyed behaved as if he was itching to get his teeth into something, but there was a serious paucity of material to get even one tooth stuck in to.

A dismal start to a novelty show which doesn't seem to know what it's about and who it's talking to.

If you ain't got an iPad don't bother tuning in.

Heavy rain disrupted TV viewing throughout the Wellington region last night, as Seven Sharp was screening.

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