Film review: The Red House

16:00, Mar 15 2013
red house
CHARMING PORTRAIT: Kiwi feature The Red House starring Meng Jia, left, and Lee Stuart, right, is a small, eloquent, and entirely refreshing tale.

THE RED HOUSE (PG) (75 min)

Directed by Alyx Duncan

Starring Lee Stuart, Meng Jia.

The Red House is something of a marvel. Made on a shoestring, and performed by the director's own parents, it went on to become one of the word-of-mouth successes at last year's film festival, and has now achieved a general release across the country. All this from a film without so much as a raised voice or an angry gesture.

There is a couple, they have been married for many years, they live in splendid isolation on an island in the Hauraki gulf. He was once an activist fire-brand, and is still the scourge of the local councillors and property developers. She must return to her native China to care for a relative. They will be separated for the first time since they married.

There's not much space in life for the quiet and the contemplative. And in a cinema, usually none at all. The Red House is a small, eloquent, and entirely refreshing tale. Celebrate it.


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