The cream of the gaming crop

20:00, Apr 04 2013
Bioshock: Infinite
STUNNER: The long-awaited Bioshock: Infinite has stunned critics.

Some of the most anticipated game titles of the year have just been released. Here are our picks of the bunch.


Out Now: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC/Rated R16

Tomb Raider
REVAMPED: The Tomb Raider series goes back to square one with the gritty latest entry.

RRP: from $100

Lara Croft, the archaeologist and adventuress with deadly curves, is back, but few would recognise her from her early days as an acrobatic killing machine in PC-only games. This Lara is younger, vulnerable, afraid and above all, believable in her most realistic rendition to date. Tomb Raider is a raw survival game that also acts as an "origins" story for a young Lara, who is stranded on an island and must rely on her wits and environment to protect her from its hostile inhabitants. Highly recommended for fans of the Uncharted treasure-hunting games.



Lego City
BUILDING BLOCKS: Lego City: Undercover stars detective Chase McCain.

Out Now: Xbox 360, PS3, PC/Rated R16

RRP: from $90

After years of delay, this game was finally released last week. This is a typical "rescue the girl and defeat the bad guy" scenario, but don't expect the rest of the game to be that predictable. It's set in 1912 in the floating air-city of Columbia, and you and said damsel - who has strange and terrible powers - are caught up in an ideological civil war with both factions on your tail. Featuring breathtaking graphics, an epic storyline, emotionally driven characters and a polished control system, Infinite has been wowing critics with every sneak peak at the game. A must-have for those who love adventure and first-person shooter games.


Out Now: Wii U/Rated G

RRP: $105

Lego video games are always popular, but oddly this latest one is for Nintendo consoles only. Also, unlike past Lego games, this title doesn't tie in with big name franchises like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Instead, as the title suggests, it brings to life the traditional Lego city toy sets that kids have been playing with for decades. As undercover detective Chase McCain, you explore this free-roaming plastic brick world packed full of detail - taking on missions, solving puzzles and fighting crime. In typical Lego fashion, the game features hilarious film and TV parodies.


Due April 18: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U/Rated R16

RRP: from $100

From the creators of Mortal Kombat, this is a one-on-one fighting game featuring hours of mindless violence and well, very little else. But the twist is, the entire roster of characters are taken directly from the DC Comics lineup - including Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash and more. Comic book readers might be scratching their head as to how Aquaman - whose powers are somewhat more modest - could possibly take on Superman and win, but the duels are balanced contests determined by your skill and quick reflexes. This game will certainly appeal to comic book fans and anyone who enjoys Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat button-mashing madness.


Out Now: PS3 only/Rated G

RRP: from $70

The beloved, masked burglar Sly the raccoon returns in this fun adventure game for younger gamers. Unlike earlier titles in the franchise that were created for older consoles and then ported across to newer ones, Thieves in Time has been developed specifically for the PlayStation 3. Thanks to the more powerful console, this is the biggest and most ambitious Sly game yet with levels twice the size of previous games and the application of real-world physics rules making for a unique gameplay experience when grappling and swinging from ledges. The game is a mix of stealth, thievery, exploration, problem-solving and combat and will go down a treat for gamers aged 10 and older.

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