John Stamos' Kiwi holiday

Everyone's favourite Full House heart-throb John Stamos has been getting up close and personal with the locals since he landed on New Zealand shores last week.

Trying to get my date drunk in New Zealand -

— John Stamos (@JohnStamos) January 5, 2014

The man formerly known as Uncle Jesse saw in the New Year in massive party tent, in a "private place" that he would only describe as "One of THE most gorgeous places on Earth!"

Stamos has also been diving for "lobster" (crayfish to us Kiwis), checking out our "unbelievable" waterfalls and horseriding in Queenstown.

One of Stamos' online posts shows him "trying to get my date drunk in New Zealand" - offering his beer to a seal on the water's edge.

While one Twitter user asked Stamos to let him know when he had "sealed the deal", the Department of Conservation cautions against getting close to the mammals.

Seals could be aggressive if threatened, and feeding them could make them sick, a DoC spokesman said.

"We do not encourage this type of behaviour and we generally recommend that people remain at least 10 metres away from seals and allow them more space if the seals are active.

"We are very lucky to be able to share our coastline with these amazing creatures and should enjoy the experience without causing harm to them ourselves."