Henry delighted way his new show is rating

18:27, Feb 28 2014

Broadcaster Paul Henry's new show is out-rating its predecessor a month after its debut.

"I'm really happy with where the show is at right at the moment. I'm sure there were a lot of people queuing up to criticise the show, and I'm not too sure what's happened to that queue of people," Henry said yesterday.

TV3's The Paul Henry Show began on on January 27, drawing 143,690 viewers on its first night.

Regan Cunliffe, editor of television website throng.co.nz, said that, as expected, viewer numbers had dropped since that initial curiosity.

But the show was still regularly drawing a tick over 100,000 viewers. Nightline, its predecessor in that slot, drew an average audience of about 87,000 last year. On TV One, Tonight was averaging 115,000.

Meanwhile, the ratings war between Seven Sharp and Campbell Live has continued. The gap between them closed last year, with TV3's offering out-rating TV One's Seven Sharp at times.


Sevens Sharp's new lineup of Mike Hosking, Toni Street and the returning Jesse Mulligan was still bedding in, Mr Cunliffe said.

"It's a whole new bunch of relationships, and it takes time."

But Seven Sharp was back on top in the 7pm slot, Mr Cunliffe said.

On Thursday night, Seven Sharp drew 386,330 viewers, while Campbell Live had 264,760.

"So Campbell Live are winning the current-affairs aspect but Seven Sharp wins the ratings."

TVNZ's head of news and current affairs, John Gillespie, said they were "very happy" with how Seven Sharp was tracking.

"The trend is absolutely in the right direction."

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