There'll Be Some Changes Made

00:01, Feb 18 2016

This is - in a sense - the penultimate post for Blog On The Tracks. You Spinal Tap fans know the deal: It's not that the popularity of the blog is waning, just that the appeal is becoming more selective.

Blogs are going the way of the pony express - the new deal is an Online Music Column, which is arguably all this has ever tried to be.

Tomorrow will be the last official Blog On The Tracks post here and then next week I'll be back in the capacity of online music columnist, rather than blogger. I'll be publishing three times a week - not five. Apart from that I don't think it'll be all that different.

I found this news out only just before you did. I'm just going with that's what you have to do.

I never wanted to be "a blogger" - but at the same time I never had any real issue with it. It's funny that blogging has been deemed lower than journalism, not really writing; an easy way to take a pot-shot at someone is to call them "a blogger" as if it devalues what they're doing. I talked about this with "Mummy Blogger" Emily Writes on a recent episode of the Sweetman Podcast. Emily's reclaiming the title "Mummy Blogger" because that's been aimed at her as some sort of cheap-shot, as if adding 'mummy' to the title further cheapens it, suggests that the only qualification she has in blogging on the subject of parenting is that she's a mother...I'd argue it shows she's capable of doing two jobs at once.

So that'll change for me anyway, I'll no longer be a blogger. I'll be back to being a columnist - which shouldn't hold any further weight, and ultimately doesn't. They're all just labels. To me it's all just writing.

Reviewer, writer, blogger...whatever.

It's been a blast writing Blog On The Tracks for eight years. Although it also hasn't. This blog has been hard slog. I said, a while back, that reaching 2000 posts would be the last significant milestone for this blog. And it was. And is. This is post number 2163. There'll be one more. Then next week, same as it ever was - but not quite, I'll be still writing about music. Not quite as often. And not quite in blog form.

Thanks for reading if and when you did.

I thought we could have an old-fashioned whip-around for one last blog-topic. Let me know what you want the last official Blog On The Tracks post to be about? What would you like to read by me tomorrow?

And here's Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins singing and playing their version of There'll Be Some Changes Made. Always loved the humour and feel and warmth in this (parody) rendition.

See you tomorrow. And then, dressed slightly differently, next week...

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