CD review: The Experiment - Dane Rumble

Dane Rumble was involved with hip- hop/pop act The Fast Crew. But they were more about pop, singing quickly rather than rapping, and it all felt like a cartoon.

Now Rumble is a solo act and unashamedly pushing the pop music plough - which means people will defend this as good pop music, or that terrible anti-statement, "it's good for what it is". It isn't.

It's a bunch of really awful songs that feel interchangeable. Perhaps Always Be Here stands out - but maybe that's mostly for the purloined riff from Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl.

The 11 tunes sound revoltingly thin. Think of Zed, The Feelers, Opshop, Midnight Youth. This will be shoved down people's faces as being great new music from New Zealand and it's not. It's horrible. And everyone involved should feel very ashamed. They are selling a lie.

At one point, when Rumble's language gets colourful, it seems so wrong. Because prior to that, it sounded like The Jonas Brothers or something that might appear on a Disney Channel show.

Inside the album you can sign up to win an iPhone.

(Warner Music)

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