Film review: Eternity

20:00, Apr 04 2013
VIRTUAL REALITY: New Zealand sci-fi detective story Eternity.

ETERNITY (79 min) (M) 
Directed by Alex Galvin. Starring Elliot Travers, Amy Tsang, Liz Kirkman.

A young detective has done wrong in Hong Kong. His only chance at professional redemption is to come to New Zealand, and take part in an experimental training exercise.

He will inserted into a computer role-playing program, and along with a dozen or so colleagues, attempt to solve an apparently unsolvable murder. The first cop to crack the case gets to go home with a promotion.

The others will stay in the game until they too find the solution. Writer/director Alex Galvin's self-funded second feature speaks loudly of a team who have watched every recent bit of sci-fi and speculative fiction that Europe and Hollywood have produced, and know exactly what they like.

There's a lack of pace and excitement about Eternity that very nearly stalls the film dead in the water, but also enough twists and turns to keep an attentive audience entertained.

And any sc-fi in which the 'help desk' is a 1920s flapper, complete with gramophone and champagne, sitting at a table on Waikanae beach, has at least to score a few brownie points.

Have a look. 


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