Parkour comes to Fringe Festival

20:20, Feb 19 2013
Madison Fitzmaurice, 17 practising parkour skills ahead of a Fringe Festival performance at Frank Kitts Park.
Parkour 2
RUNNING FREE: Louis Gower is part of a crew bringing Parkour to the Fringe Festival for the first time.

Louis Gower has been practising for his debut Fringe Festival performance in Wellington on Saturday.

The 19-year-old Victoria University geology student was first exposed to the "free running" sport in Britain two years ago, and says he is now addicted.

Parkour originated in France from military obstacle course training.

Participants set themselves a destination, typically in a city, then - without equipment - run, jump, scale and drop to reach that point in the shortest time.

"Some people may think it's dangerous, but it's good for you - good for your mind, good for your body," he said.

He is part of local free-running group Physical Graffiti, which, with organiser Eleonora Sparagna, has produced the first-of-its-kind Fringe event.

"It's like street acrobatics, using the elements that are already there - a collaboration of creative freedom of movement," Ms Sparagna said.

The event, at Frank Kitts Park from 4pm on Saturday, is free.