Review: The Medicine

22:13, Feb 21 2013
The Medicine
The Medicine, every Wednesday

The Medicine, The Cavern Club, Wellington, February 20

Reviewed by Daven Parsons-Piwari

Laughter is often the best medicine, and standup comedy show The Medicine at the Cavern Club has been providing Wellington audiences with their weekly dose of laughter every Wednesday for a while now. 

While the Medicine might not have people who went to medical school, it does offer a selection of Wellington comedians, both fresh faces and circuit veterans. 

The first Fringe Festival line-up kicked off with James Noksie and his hilarious pull and reveal style comedy of his Pacific Island family members, followed by the new and shy, but promising Esther Lewis.

James Jobe had strong core material with some hit and miss improv on the sides. 


The second half started with Kieran Anderson's set that was as short and punchy as an angry dwarf, followed by Julia "shorter than the mic stand" Holden with delightfully embarrassing stories and puns delivered with "desperate enthusiasm" (in her own words) and headlined by Finn Roy who's awkwardly shocking material which evoked equal parts laughter and stunned silence from the audience.

These acts were all tied together brilliantly by Jerome Chandrahasen ,who played on the schadenfreude-like nature of the crowd by grilling individuals, keeping good momentum throughout the show.

Hot topics of the night included less than ideal Valentines Day dates at Te Papa, the Courtenay Pl club strip, and embarrassing experiences at Hope Bros, or in fewer words, life in Wellington. 

The underlying Wellington flavour to the show suggested that the performers knew their audience, and it was very much a case of jokes by locals for locals.You'd be hard pressed to find better entertainment than The Medicine with further Fringe Festival instalments on February 27 and March 6. 

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