Out to exterminate Dr Who

EXTERMINATE: Characters from the TV show Dr Who, from left, The Silence, a Dalek and a Cyberman.
EXTERMINATE: Characters from the TV show Dr Who, from left, The Silence, a Dalek and a Cyberman.

Dr Who fans are alive and well in Wellington - believe it.

They say things like ''ah'' and ''oh my god'' when they see a dalek. Some even stifle screams.

The proof happened today on the Wellington waterfront when three baddies - a dalek, Cyberman, and The Silence - from the popular BBC science fiction show paraded on the waterfront.

They are in Wellington for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular.

To those who know little of Dr Who, and to those who would scoff, it would seem incomprehensible that anyone would turn out.

Wellington Girls' College students Ellen Scott, 15, and Kate Johnston, 16, were there today among the agog crowd of about 50 who did.

Asked the appeal of Dr Who, Kate explained: ''It's just so intense.''

She knows all the characters. The Silence, for example, she says walks ''like you were sleeping in bed and someone was walking towards you''.

The Silence, partially based on Edvard Munch's painting The Scream, is a religious order who try to stop the Doctor. 

For others, like Max Field, 3, who had his windmill temporarily taken by Cyberman, the Dr Who legend was less daunting.

''He is a fan of the costumes,'' his mother, Linda Wang, said.

The Cyberman are a fictional race of cyborgs who are among the most persistent enemies of the Doctor.

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular opens tomorrow at TSB Bank Arena on the Wellington waterfront for a three-show season.

Made with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performing music from the BBC television show, it features scenes from Matt Smith's performance as the Doctor.

According to publicity: ''Iconic Doctor Who monsters roam the aisles!

''Beware of appearances from the spine-chilling Silence, awe-inspiring Cybermen and the famous daleks.''

Sadly, Ellen and Kate won't be attending. They can't afford tickets.

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