Review: Grimes at San Fransisco Bath House

21:05, Dec 16 2012
POP ELEMENTS: Grimes may be considered indie and alternative but she certainly has elements of a one-trick pony.


San Francisco Bath House, Thursday December 13

Reviewed by Simon Sweetman

Canadian musician Claire Boucher is known as Grimes and despite releasing two albums of lo-fi bedroom electro-pop in 2010 she's known, largely, for this year's Visions, in particular its huge singles Genesis and Oblivion.

Signed to cult label 4AD, Grimes is having her moment in the sun - something made clear by the fact that this show sold out in advance, something that almost never happens in Wellington (sadly).

So it was a happening as much as it was a live event - Boucher leaping about behind a couple of keyboards, the music triggered, sequenced rather than performed as such.


Her energy level was impressive and she had two dancing friends on hand to make it seem like more of a show.

And if this wasn't, quite, ever a live gig then I'm not sure that ever, quite, mattered.

An audience enthralled, in throng to the songs that tumbled from the stage, the pop songs of this age, super-cute and super-catchy and not all that much separating this music, really, from Katy Perry.

But keep that quiet. It's probably better to mention vague nods to Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin and thin dubstep traces, right?

Grimes delivered the show she needed to offer - for this was only (and ever) a moment in time; her moment to shine.

And the versions of the songs for the stage translated as being largely similar/faithful to the album.

Just as with the album (Visions) it is the big hit singles that stand head and shoulders above the other (filler) material.

It was a perfectly built set, a meander and flow that suggested a horror show Jem & The Holograms singing along to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Speaking of Visions, see here the young pop tartlet who shouts into her hairbrush, bedroom antics uploaded to YouTube, a musical meme; it won't last, it can't last, she'll be gone next year.

But hey, it was fun. I think.

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