Review: Reece Mastin at TSB

22:14, Feb 24 2013
Reece Mastin
WARM RECEPTION: And the crowds went wild.

Reece Mastin

Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, February 21

Reviewed by Simon Sweetman 

Reece Mastin
REECE MASTIN: Misbehaving.

There were screams as girls ran up the stairs. One pre-teen asked the usher when the concert would finish.

"Nine o'clock," came the reply. "Oh my god," squealed pre-teen, "he's going to play for ages!" I checked my watch, it was closing in on eight o'clock.

The mostly female audience, average age of 14, I would guess, rushed to the stage, parents stood back so as not to embarrass.


Reece Mastin is an Australian Justin Bieber with a Green Day makeover. He won 2011's season of X-Factor. Mastin has recently released his second album and this is his second New Zealand tour.

Playing up his Punk-Bieber shtick, he opens the show with recent single Freakshow - telling the audience "tonight we're gonna misbehave".

Presumably the line, "but I'll be sure to have you home by nine in accordance with the wishes of your parents" did not scan so well. But I did agree with the lyric that made the final cut, "welcome to the nightmare".

Crash-bang I'm a rock star was the musical theme, with interchangeable songs then a truncated version of Paradise City, ditching the long intro because who has time for long intros when your entire set is 40 minutes?

My favourite was Iron Maiden's Can I Play With Madness? Not a cover, instead the original played just before Mastin took to the stage. After that things got a little hazy.