Crossword solutions: Friday, January 24

Across: 1 Eighteen, 7 Edger, (A teenager) 8 Sensation, 9 Vex, 10 Maim, 11 Coyote, 13 Quebec, 14 Jetsam, 17 Obtain, 18 Dump, 20 Cob, 22 Eagerness, 23 Loser, 24 Browbeat. Down: 1 Epsom, 2 Gentile, 3 Thaw, 4 Edison, 5 Agave, 6 Brixham, 7 Enjoyed, 12 Feather, 13 Quickly, 15 Squeeze, 16 Singer, 17 Obese, 19 Posit, 21 Grow. 

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