Show reveals painful truth


It may have been a controversial way to herald Anzac Day, but Field Punishment No 1 (TV One, Tuesday) furnished an uncomfortable but important truth.

US remakes not lost

house of cards

For light relief from Sunday's increasingly bittersweet House of Cards, it's a major treat to have Veep back.

American Horror Story beyond disturbing

American Horror Coven

American Horror Story - Coven follows a group of descendants of the Salem witches and is beyond macabre.

Pistorius and The Good Wife

the good wife

The suits the female attorneys wear on The Good Wife are so well cut that they, and the statement jewellery, should have their own show.

Enjoy the royals - why not?


In vain does Winston Peters warn we risk making fools of ourselves over the royals. In television terms, the William and Catherine visit is like an extra Christmas – an excuse for a lot of harmless gushing and silliness that most people, even if secretly, rather enjoy.

Game of Thrones returns

game of thrones season 4

To sum up the return of Game of Thrones, SoHo, Monday, it's not possible to do better than what the ever-hapless Tyrion Lannister gave his mistress.

Blood, Nudity and an evil king

King Joffrey

As a new season of Game of Thrones kicks off, we look at what has happened to bring the warring families into contention for the Iron Throne.

Tea voyage worth savouring

Victoria Wood tea

For me, tea is gutless, a drink for others - though Victoria Wood's company will make anything worthwhile.

6-year-old sums up TV tale

campbell live

Working-class hero Pera Te Amo rose up against the big boy developers in a supermarket car park in Ferrymead midweek in Christchurch, his last-ditch insurrection caught on camera.

Six degrees of exasperation


Poor old Kevin Bacon, still at six degrees of separation from his original serial-killing cult-leader quarry, on Monday's heavy-duty The Following, TV One.

Food facts easy to digest


Provided one can put up with being addressed like a potentially recalcitrant 8-year-old by a frenetic birthday party entertainer, Vibe's Sunday series Supermarket Sleuth has been a mine of useful information on nutrition.

What about the bodies?

Hostages TV

REVIEW: The writers of Hostages have hit on brilliant devices to keep the audience watching

A step in right direction

step dave

Step Dave, TV2, Tuesdays, is turning out to be a sort of evolved version of Sex in the City when it comes to satirising modern manners.

1950s Dublin mystery works


UKTV's Quirke (Monday) is based on a character about whom novelist John Banville writes under a pseudonym by way of slumming it from his real literary work – and presumably to up his income.

Frankie's ineptitude too much

nurse frankie

Television's latest caregiver Frankie (UKTV, 8.30pm Sundays) is kind, cheerful and even slightly funky.

The reds under the bed

the americans

It's hard to say what's the most appealing aspect of The Americans, SoHo, Tuesday – but it's worth watching for the wigs alone.

Plot thins when it should thicken

Case Senstive

It's some consolation that before the enjoyable Case Sensitive was cancelled its two detective heroes made it into the scratcher.

Troubled times come to Homeland


Violence, infidelity, and severed ties - US drama Homeland is becoming increasingly bleak.

Looking for Hostage situation exit

toni collette

Tv One's Hostages (Wednesday), got off to a cracking start a few weeks ago, but like Soho's Homeland, it seems destined to start chasing its own tail.

Country Calendar still a charmer


When you think of potboilers and grand romances, TV One's vintage Country Calendar isn't what ordinarily comes to mind.

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