Ridges: Meet us, then judge us

Sally and Jaime Ridge: Ripped from the headlines to our screens
Sally and Jaime Ridge: Ripped from the headlines to our screens

Poster girls for tans and tawdry love lives? New Zealand's own Kath & Kim?


The public doesn't hold back when it comes to insulting the stars of TV3's new reality show The Ridges.

But viewers may be disappointed to discover celebrity mum Sally Ridge and daughter Jaime are just a couple of boring Kiwis who sit in at night and watch, believe it or not, reality television.

"People have such a preconceived perception about us that's so far from the truth that it [the show] was something we could do to show who we are. We're both so proud of who we are," Jaime said.

“I imagine there will be a lot of people who will want to watch us to bag us."

Referred to as a home-grown version of hit reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, the show, which starts this month on TV3, promises to offer an insight into the celebrity circuit and glamorous nightlife of Auckland.

The Ridges hope it will quell a public misunderstanding that they are simply attention seekers.

“People do judge us and they criticise us an awful lot and the reality is you really shouldn't judge anyone until you meet them,” Sally said.

Viewers will see Sally renovate a rundown, rodent-infested 13-bedroom boarding house.

Meanwhile, Jaime prepares for a boxing match. She is also studying towards a law degree.

The 18-year-old is studying law because . . . well . . . she couldn't think of what else to do.

"I don't really know what inspired me - I think because I didn't really know what I wanted to do I took a really broad degree."

Sally Ridge became a regular in the gossip pages after marrying former All Blacks and New Zealand Warriors star Matthew Ridge, before she switched sporting codes and took up with former Black Caps cricketer Adam Parore.

The socialite is a former interior designer and owned failed underwear company James & August.

Model Jaime recently had a short-lived romance with All Blacks hero Sonny Bill Williams.

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