Revolution: give us a clue please

16:00, Oct 25 2012
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LOST AGAIN: New sci-fi series Revolution may be a high concept, but it needs to give viewers more information or it will falter.

Sure the year is winding down but I would have thought the end of October a little too soon for TV One to be screening repeats in its primetime slot – for example, Person of Interest at 8.30pm reheated and served up on a Thursday night.

UKTV has very little fresh stock to offer, ditto SoHo, which started off with an impressive hiss and a roar providing HBO-quality viewing but is now slim pickings and mostly repeats.

So what's new, pussycats? If you like survivalist shows, as I do, then TV2's Wednesday adventure drama Revolution, screening at 9.30pm, may provide amusement with its plethora of fight scenes as three groups of survivors – the Traders, the evil Militia, and the idealistic Rebels live in disharmony with only a few bullets as ammunition to play with.

Last week, two episodes were screened within days of each other to bed the series in as a modern America, as we know it, faded to black when the power went out in the middle of the night. Even batteries appeared to be affected with a freeway of cars lights' snuffing out while commercial planes suddenly dropped drunkenly out of the sky.

There is bewilderment as to the loss of power but Ben Matheson, the father of one family, seems to have forewarning of the electricity failure and tries to alert his soldier brother, Miles.

In the series, made by Lost producer J J Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, we are reacquainted with Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel Matheson), who played the doctor in Lost. In episode two, Rachel has apparently perished but we know this can't bet true as Mitchell, a big TV star, wouldn't sign on for just one episode and, indeed, we soon discover she's alive and living under house arrest with the Militia.


Fifteen years have elapsed since the blackout and the good guy Traders are living in small encampments adapting found objects and old machinery as they live a medieval/steampunk lifestyle. Ben seems to be in charge of his village but is shot when the Militia turn up to take him to their leader. Apparently Ben might have clues about the blackout, so now that he's kaput his son, pretty boy Danny, is taken as bounty, leaving his feisty and equally pretty sister, Charlie, to be the tough guy.

Revolution has the same lurching Lost music leading you to the ad breaks and it's a little heavy on the torture scenes, so far mainly physical. The dialogue is underwhelming and this high concept, quasi-sci-fi-come-civil war drama needs to throw the audience some clues soon or it will experience viewer blackout.


Episodes is back tonight on TV One after having to make way for Auckland Daze. What a pity it's been graveyarded to 10.55pm.

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