A sneak peek into Miramar film machine

23:55, Sep 01 2011
Greg Broadmore
Weta Workshop lead concept designer Greg Broadmore reveals the strange world of Dr Grordbort at an exhibition at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar

Welcome to the weird world of Dr Grordbort, or any of a number of artistic outings allowing a peek behind the machine that drives the Miramar film industry.

Dr Grordbort is the science- fiction creation of Weta Workshop lead concept designer Greg Broadmore, created when he is not working on the worlds envisioned by Sir Peter Jackson and other directors.

Broadmore is one of more than 100 film industry workers who have contributed to an exhibition, Unscripted, which opens to the public at St James Theatre Gallery tomorrow.

"Working in the Wellington film industry for over 10 years, I've met hundreds of creative talents," he says. "Their names adorn the credit reels of our collaborative works, but a vast amount of personal work is often never seen.

"The Unscripted exhibition represents an incredible opportunity to delve into this wealth of creative work. I cannot wait to see and for others to see the variety and skill on offer."

Broadmore's contribution to Unscripted comes from his exhibition, currently touring the globe, about the world of Dr Grordbort - a science-fiction satire set in the early 1900s, complete with comics, books, raygun, collectables and art. "It's a satirical spoof of colonisation in space."


Oscar-winning art director Dan Hennah has thrown his weight behind the exhibition. "Our industry is, by nature, collaborative and it is great to see the artists that have come together with passion for film and what they do for a real job."

Gino Acevedo, Ra Vincent, Sophie Lewis-Smith, Ivan Vostinar, Rebecca Asquith, and Steph Lusted are among the artists displaying work, including illustration, digital imagery, jewellery, sculpture, animation, short films, textiles, photography and home furnishings.

Unscripted runs until Friday September 9. Entry is free and works range in price from $25 to $20,000.

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