Hutt artist has role with the royals

Wherever Prince Charles and Camilla visit in New Zealand, so do their entourage and one very special Kiwi artist. 

Upper Hutt watercolour artist Sue Wild is the only New Zealand artist to have been chosen to be the official artist accompanying the Royal family on one of their tours. 

When Charles and Camilla visited Auckland's waterfront yesterday, Sue was there. When they visited schools, Sue was also there. 

And the artist wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

Sue was in Europe on a holiday when she got the unexpected call saying she had been selected to be the Royal couple's official artist on their New Zealand tour. 

"I got a phone call simply saying would I like to be this person. I was absolutely stunned and amazed as you can imagine," she said.

"It's a huge opportunity, a fantastic privilege and equally a fantastic challenge."

At first struggling to believe the "unique opportunity" was true, Sue now just hopes to make her fellow artists and New Zealanders proud.

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