Melted cash artwork worth its weight

20:58, Nov 25 2012
melted cash artwork
DOG'S DINNER: The creation, made with pieces of cash, sold on TradeMe for more than the cost of the cash it included.

An Auckland couple who accidentally melted $350 in cash raised for the SPCA have managed to recoup their losses - and then some - through an online auction.

The charity art auction closed on Saturday night with a winning bid of $445 placed by Wellington-based TradeMe member "Nicola-Kate".

The drama began when Natalie Tuki-Samuels stashed hundreds of dollars in the oven after raising the money for the SPCA’s Cupcake Day in August.

She thought this would be the safest place to keep cash after her house was burgled last year.

Unfortunately, she and her husband forgot about the hiding place when they turned on the oven to bake another batch of cupcakes.

Both the stash of money and the plastic container it was kept in both melted before anyone noticed anything was wrong. It was husband Norman Samuels’ idea to turn the ruined cash into a TradeMe charity art auction.

The winner will receive an original artwork of a dog fashioned from the melted cash and shredded notes.

All proceeds will go to the SPCA. 


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