New Zealand's beauty captured

22:14, Apr 07 2013

An amateur Taupo videographer has captured some amazing footage of New Zealand's night skies and natural beauty.

Bevan Percival spent six months putting this time lapse together in his spare time. He said despite the mild weather, it was not without its challenges.

"Calm clear nights in New Zealand can be hard to come by and on many nights trying to capture the Milky Way and stars I had failures where the weather would start off clear and then cloud in, so that is a challenge.

"Most of the night work involves whole night sessions out in the wilderness curled in a bivy bag close to the equipment."

He said on his Vimeo page the video represented "hours and hours" of dedication.

"I'm driven by chasing fleeting moments of dramatic light on beautiful landscapes and also capturing the night sky and milky way in all it's glory is a real buzz."

The footage was shot around Lake Taupo and Tongariro National Park.