Vet students get up close and personal

04:01, May 24 2010
Paw Justice
BARING ALL: Massey University third-year veterinary students, from left, Natasha Leamy, Kelly Kezer, Anna McLeod and Deena Larsen shed their clothes for the annual calendar to raise funds for a trip to mark the half-way point of their course and for chosen charity Paw Justice.

One day soon your pets' lives may be in their hands – the one part of their body you are unlikely to be focusing on in this series of snaps.

Massey University third-year veterinary students have bared all – almost – for a calendar to raise funds for a trip to mark the halfway point in their degree, and also to raise money for Paw Justice, an organisation fighting animal abuse and neglect.

In the Barely There 2010-11 calendar, the students are mostly naked but have animals or items such as books and instruments obscuring particular body parts.

Student Lucy Russell, who supervised the project, was present at all the shoots and joked that, if she ever found herself having to make a class speech – and had to imagine everyone naked – it would no longer be very difficult.

"Most people are more worried about what they look like rather than checking out what the others look like," she said.

For the December photo, the class stripped bare at Himatangi Beach, arriving late on a balmy February afternoon, expecting it to be empty but "hundreds" of people were still there.

The class soon stripped off for the photo but members of the public – some driving on the car-friendly beach – continued to call out as the photo was being taken. The image that made the calendar was taken as the class reacted to one such carload of onlookers and a smiley face had to be Photoshopped on to one student who bared too much, she said. Ten per cent of funds raised would go to Paw Justice, with the rest helping to fund a class trip to Taupo.

The calendar has become an annual tradition with vet students, with this edition being their fifth.

The July to June calendars are available from for $10 plus postage.


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