City-wide booze ban for Wellington ditched

06:13, Jun 23 2010

Plans for a city-wide liquor ban in Wellington have been shelved after strong public opposition.

Wellington city councillors were debating whether to introduce the city-wide ban to curb drinking in public places, which can lead to aggressive and intimidatory behaviour.

A booze ban is already in place in central Wellington, Aro Valley and the Mt Victoria lookout.

However, the proposal for a city-wide ban sparked fears Wellingtonians could be arrested for enjoying a glass of wine with a picnic.

A council committee meeting this afternoon voted to amend the proposed city-wide ban, extending the current liquor ban area to Mt Cook and Newtown but not the entire city.

The move came despite strong support for a city-wide ban from Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast.

''This is a gut call, and we have to show a bit of courage and do what's right for the community,'' she said.

The council had received 604 written submissions on the plan, with 461 - or 76 per cent - opposed to a city-wide ban.


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