Panel recommends students get transport discounts

03:52, Jun 12 2014

After a long fight, Wellington tertiary students have welcomed a shift towards cheaper bus and train fares.

A Greater Wellington Regional Council committee has recommended applying a 25 per cent discount for students' travel, both peak and non-peak.

The proposed subsidies have not been finalised, and will rely on "substantial" financial support from the Wellington City Council and tertiary institutions.

They will be voted on at a regional council meeting later this month.

The Regional Council has previously turned down cheaper student fares, despite a long running campaign.

Councillor Ken Laban said the latest move would boost patronage, moving students out of their cars and onto public transport.


He successfully moved an amendment to widen the discount to on peak travel.

Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association president Sonya Clark said the move was "a huge step forward."

VUWSA has led a long-running ''Fairer Fares'' campaign, and brought 2500 signed postcards to a hearing last month.

An estimated 67 per cent of Victoria University students travel at non-peak times.

The Dominion Post