Milder weather on the way

22:58, Jul 23 2014

Wellington is enduring what will probably be the coldest week of the year, but things are about to warm up a touch.

''While a nationwide polar blast is always possible in August and September believes this week (of) July 20 to 26 will be the coldest nationwide week of 2014,'' forecaster Phil Duncan said.

So far Wellington had endured some cold spells, but nothing on the scale of last year, which was marked by severe southerly storms, he said.

''Most of the really bad weather has been focused on the far north, with the remnants of subtropical systems.''

Today the capital was enjoying milder weather with fine spells and a predicted high of 12 degrees Celsius, according to MetService.

A high pressure system was expected to move in across most of the country on Sunday.

''Temperatures nationwide should creep up next week,'' Duncan said.The weather would then turn westerly, with sunnier warmer weather in the east and cloudier, wetter, weather in the west.

''Temperatures nationwide should creep up next week - and at this stage the first day of August may kick off windy and wet, with the westerly flow continuing into the first week of August.''


The Dominion Post