Outspoken councillor censured

Kapiti Coast District Council has censured outspoken councillor Jackie Elliott.

Councillor Murray Bell made three code of conduct complaints about Elliott. A panel investigated them and found she breached the code twice and recommended she be censured.

On the first complaint, Elliott was found to have breached the code when she used the words "loathsome" and "vindictive" in an email she sent to councillor Diane Ammundsen. The panel recommended no further action.

A second breach related to an email Elliott sent to a staff member which the panel decided "failed to show appropriate courtesy and respect and was aggressive".

The panel decided Elliott should be censured. A third complaint alleging a breach was dismissed.

Bell stated that in the email to a staff member, Elliott threatened to go to the media, which he said was a form of blackmail, and "could be seen as a form of bullying". Elliott told the panel she was misquoted.

Greater Wellington Regional councillor Nigel Wilson defended Elliott at a fiery council meeting yesterday, saying councillors and the mayor involved in the investigation should not be allowed to vote. The council had budgeted up to $15,000 to consider the matter, drawing criticism that it was a waste of ratepayers' money.

The Dominion Post