Woman pleads guilty of forging medical certificate

03:19, Jul 28 2014

A woman's indignation at police checking she was sticking to her bail conditions was based on a forged medical certificate, police say.

Bianca Eve Wirepa, 33, was absent on two nights in a row when police called to check she was obeying a 6pm to 7am curfew to her Paraparaumu home.

On the third night, November 18 last year, a constable went to the house at 12.20am. He asked her to come to the door so he could speak to her about what looked like two breaches of her bail.

"Nah, f... off. I've got a letter from the doctor," she said and handed police three pieces of paper, including a medical certificate.

The certificate said she had been at a centre in the Porirua suburb of Kenepuru from 5.30pm to just after 11.30pm on one of the nights.

"How dare you come to my house at this time of night to try and arrest me," Wirepa said, according to a police summary presented in the Wellington District Court today.


"You're harassing me. I'm going to lay a complaint against you."

On the first night she had been absent Wirepa's mother had told police Wirepa had gone to hospital the previous evening and was still not home.

Police could not find anyone of her name at a hospital in the Wellington region.

But having later seen the medical certificate a constable had believed it was genuine and did not arrest her for breaching the terms of her bail.

However, a detective started asking questions about Wirepa's medical excuse and obtained an order to see medical notes.

The original medical certificate said she had been at the centre from 8pm to 9pm and was different in other respects to the document Wirepa showed police, including having a false signature.

Wirepa pleaded guilty to using a false document. She was remanded in custody for sentencing on September 19.

Police said they had opposed Wirepa being given bail when she appeared in court on drugs charges in October last year. 

A judge had given her bail but warned her she had to comply strictly with the conditions. She used the false medical certificate less than a month later.

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