The Kiwi car-do attitude

21:43, Jul 30 2014

A classic case of Kiwi can-do? Or a money-saving move that could end up costing even more?

Staff at the Newbolds store in Upper Hutt were left wondering just that when a customer insisted on taking home his repaired, stand-up fridge in the boot of his small sedan.

"We all cringed," said Darren Gittens, owner of Newbolds 100% in Upper Hutt, "when he drove away".

Gittens said the customer had declined delivery for $49, electing to transport the fridge himself in the boot of the family car.

"Out came a bike rack and, about 45 minutes later, using a wad of plastic ties salvaged from our waste bin, the customer drove off.

"I suppose it is a credit to good old-fashioned kiwi ingenuity.

"But if anyone has seen a rather large fridge sitting by the side of the road in Upper Hutt recently, I wouldn't be surprised."

It is not known whether the customer made it home safely. Or with fridge intact.


Upper Hutt Leader