Duck hunter who shot mate broke all the rules

17:00, Jul 31 2014
Cameron King
HUNTING HORROR: Cameron King, left, had been drinking beer when he pulled the trigger, accidentally shooting his long-time friend, Guy Meech, right.

A man who accidentally shot his friend while they were duck hunting in Wairarapa has avoided prison and instead been placed on community detention.

Cameron Alexander Blyth King, 44, of Auckland, "broke all the rules" of firearm safety when he pulled the trigger of his loaded gun, hitting his friend Guy Meech in the elbow, the Manukau District Court heard yesterday.

The pair were shooting ducks north of Masterton on May 3 when King fired the gun, causing serious injuries to Meech, who can now only lift 1kg of weight with his injured arm.

King was last night sentenced to 200 hours' community work and placed on six months' community detention, including a curfew forcing him to stay home between 8pm and 6am. He was also ordered to pay $3000 in reparation.

The court was told Meech has suffered ongoing physical and emotional trauma, and was unable to work as a result. Judge Charles Blackie said it was fortunate that the shooting wasn't fatal.

The court was told King had been standing behind Meech in a small maimai shooting platform and had been drinking beer before he moved forward with his finger inside the trigger guard of his shotgun. His finger then came down on the loaded weapon and the pellets hit Meech in the elbow.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michael Tuialii said King's carelessness had broken all the rules relating to the use of firearms.

Defence lawyer Paul Borich said King, a father of three, and Meech had been friends since they were at primary school.


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