Rhymes on road for poetry day

21:16, Aug 19 2014
Genevieve Fowler
TRAVELLING TROUBADOUR: Genevieve Fowler will be performing on Wellington buses this Friday to mark National Poetry Day.

It will be poetry in motion, stanzas at the bus stand, and rhymes on the road.

To mark National Poetry Day, poets will be riding buses in Wellington and Auckland delivering verse, including some about public transport etiquette.

Wellington's "poetiquette campaign", as it has been dubbed by organiser NZ Bus, will involve four poets performing on the city's main bus routes on Friday morning.

Genevieve Fowler, herself a "pretty regular" bus user, is one of them. She admitted the whole idea of performing to a bus load of people, who were probably more concerned about getting to work than in listening to poetry, was "pretty terrifying".

"Normally in bars, people have come especially for it. I have no idea how this is going to go. I'm excited about it."

She was still working yesterday on a poem about bus etiquette, a topic on which she admitted she was not overly knowledgeable from her own bus experiences.


"What I like about it is the journey and adventure of it all."

NZ Bus spokeswoman Lucy Hempseed said the company was hoping to add "a bit of excitement to people's commute" and hoped people would engage with the poets. "There is something very fun about a bus buzzing."

Friday's poets - the others are Michael Howard, Ben Fagan, and Ali Jacks - had been asked to perform work suitable for everyone, including children. They will be on various Newtown, Karori, Lyall Bay, Khandallah and Seatoun routes.

National Poetry Day tied in with a new "busbetter" campaign, which included posters in buses and bus stops.

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