'Macabre' scene as severed duck heads found in tree

Wellington SPCA staff have been confronted with a ''macabre'' scene after being alerted to severed duck heads sitting in an inner city tree.

A complaint from the public this morning to Wellington City Council was passed on to the SPCA, and inspectors discovered nine feather-less duck heads had been placed in a Bowen St tree peering out at passers-by, SPCA chief inspector Ritchie Dawson said.

''It is quite macabre and disturbing that someone would place the heads in the tree looking out onto the footpath at pedestrians as they pass on their way to work.''

The ducks appeared to be Peking ducks which had been prepared and stripped of feathers for cooking, rather than standard mallard ducks found in a parks like the nearby Botanic Gardens.

They had been placed in a tree about 25 metres from the Sydney St intersection, opposite the Kinross St stairs.

''It was quite a macabre sort of picture, it was really weird that someone would do this,'' Dawson said.

The SPCA was keen to hear from anyone who knew where the heads had come from, or who had put them there. 

Whether or not the act could lead to charges would depend on how the heads had been sourced - whether they'd been killed specifically to be put in the tree, or whether they had been picked up from waste bins, he said.

The Dominion Post