Cameras capture building's move

18:46, Aug 25 2014
home of compassion
HISTORY: Home of Compassion Creche, Buckle St, Wellington. Built in 1914 for Mother Suzanne Aubert it was New Zealand's first purpose built creche. The building is a category 1 listed building with the Historic Places Trust.

Time-lapse footage shows the historic Home of Compassion creche being carefully pulled, lifted and pushed on to it's new site in the National War Memorial Park in central Wellington, which is to be completed by Anzac Day next year.

Memorial Park Alliance community relations manager Brian Aspin said each stage of the three phase move required weeks of preparation including strengthening and removal of fragile heritage components, including wall linings, floors and the back veranda before being moved using hydraulic rams and jacks.

Phase one began in May when the building was slid 16 metres north along teflon plates on a stainless steel runner laid over a concrete base.

In June it was lifted 3.2m and earlier this month the move was completed as it was placed on a concrete slab that will isolate the building from earthquakes. 

The Buckle St creche was set up by progressive nun Mother Suzanne Aubert in 1914 to care for the children of poor working mothers and will be restored as a feature of the new park.  


The Dominion Post