Fancy a burger, or two - or 27?

02:40, Sep 01 2014
Wellington On a Plate
BURGER KINGS: Wellington couple Dan Wilton and Laura Cook sample their 27th burger as their Wellington On a Plate burger-tasting odyssey comes to an end.

Enthusiastic foodies Dan Wilton and Laura Cook have eaten their way around Wellington On a Plate's burger menu, sharing their 27th burger together at the Little Beer Quarter bar as the 17-day festival came to a close yesterday.

It's Wilton's fourth year on the festival's burger bender but Cook's first.

"Food makes the world go around," she said.

On day one, the Wellington couple worked out a strict scoring system for the Burger Wellington competition, determined to uncover the primo plate.

Most days, they shared at least one burger, but their busiest effort saw them chomp four in a single day, their entire day's nutrition.

Yesterday, they were tucking into their third burger for the day when The Dominion Post caught up with them.


"There might be a fourth," Cook added, laughing.

All but one were meat burgers but surprisingly, neither had stacked on the beef as a result.

"Well, maybe 300 grams," admitted Wilton.

While they mostly shared the burgers, they tried three different ones, which took their combined tally to 30, less than half the burgers on offer at the city's 70 eateries competing in the battle-of-the-burger.

Wilton, 36, and Cook, 34, scored their most delicious burger 10 out of 10 - a hand-ground chuck steak pattie with rib meat, bacon, onion jam, cheddar sauce and pickles creation from Te Aro restaurant The Canteen.

"We couldn't think of any way to improve it," Wilton said.

Another restaurant turned out a burger that they deemed a rock-bottom zero.

While neither were tired of endless burgers, Cook said soup and salad September would likely become their next menu.

And Wilton was already plotting with his brother the option of taking two weeks' annual leave next year to attempt to knock off all 70 burgers.

"This is the foodies' WearableArts."

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