Petone to Grenada link proves popular

00:23, Sep 02 2014
petone link road
A close-up of the preferred route out of Petone, which will run around the edge of the Belmont Regional Park.

Parts of the proposed Petone to Grenada link road have received strong public support but others remain unsettled following consultation, the New Zealand Transport Agency says.

NZTA released a detailed report on more than 1400 public submissions on its plans for the road this morning.

It says they showed clear support for the ''P2G'' link, which would take traffic away from the dangerous Haywards Hill road and give an alternative route to Porirua via Petone if the Ngauranga Gorge road was blocked.

However, the more controversial part of the road - a plan for it to run from Tawa through to Transmission Gully - remains unsettled.


There was ''strong feedback'' asking NZTA to consider whether extra capacity north from Tawa was needed.


The submissions did not show a preference for option C, which would widen the existing State Highway 1 through Tawa, or option D which would build a new road through the Takapu Valley to Transmission Gully, NZTA said.

''There was support and opposition for both Option C and D,'' the report said. ''There is no clear preference.''

Residents in both Tawa and Takapu Valley whose homes could be affected depending on the chosen route, have voiced opposition in the past.

However, the submissions largely support a new, larger interchange at Petone and said it should take priority over the rest of the P2G link.

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The region's Mayors voiced support for the road, citing its economic benefits.Greater Wellington Regional Council chair Fran Wilde said it ''underpins an agreed regional strategy to improve east-west connections, enhance our regional resilience, and deliver a shot in the arm for our economic development".

Hutt City Mayor Ray Wallace said it would bring significant benefits.

"We are particularly excited at the project's potential to support a freight and industrial hub that will support not only trucking and warehousing but also science and technology companies."

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the details would be important but the project would develop business and housing potential in the area.

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