Sevens parade a testing time to think of something new

21:07, Feb 02 2011
Jonathan Jaws, Erinn Piller and Peter Arblaster; front, from left,  Andrea Maher, Coco Miles and Amy Thornton
GREEN HORNETS: Lining up for the sevens: back, from left, Jonathan Jaws, Erinn Piller and Peter Arblaster; front, from left, Andrea Maher, Coco Miles and Amy Thornton.

For some, it is one of the most difficult decisions of the year. What are we going to go as to the sevens?

Ideas over the competition's 10 years have ranged from the genius to the obscene. Wellingtonian Amy Thornton and her friends have thought long and hard each year about their theme, coming up with some of the most original ideas.

One year it was a rainbow, with all seven colours represented, including a sun, pot of gold and even a leprechaun for good measure.

Another time the group adopted a slightly more controversial theme, with Saddam Hussein and his executioner polarising the crowd.

Last year was an old-school video-game theme, with Pacman, his ghosts and various power-ups appearing.

Those costumes proved particularly time-consuming, with the group putting in hundreds of hours of work. Slightly jaded after that effort, the team decided to take a more low-key approach in 2011.


They looked to Hollywood for inspiration, and will arrive at the Cake Tin dressed as characters from new blockbuster The Green Hornet.

The group has also added new members, including sevens virgins Erinn Piller and Peter Arblaster, from Canada.

When asked what he knew about the weekend, Mr Arblaster was to the point; "Just that it's a great time, lots of drinking beer and partying, lots of costumes and a little bit of rugby thrown in."

Last year's Pacman costumes may live on, however, after being placed on Trade Me. Ms Thornton said they had decided to list them, with all proceeds going to charity, because of all the hard work that went into them.

"We thought we'd give something back to Wellington because it's a Wellington charity and the sevens are a Welly thing."

The NZI Sevens parade is on today, starting from Lambton Quay at 12.45pm, heading to Civic Square for an official welcome.

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