Wellingtonians queue for Double Down

21:49, May 10 2011
KFC Double Down
FINGER LICKIN: A KFC Double Down sandwich, consisting of bacon, cheese and a special sauce in between two slabs of fried chicken.

Dozens of fast-food junkies in Wellington lined up at KFCs around the city this morning to get a taste of a Double Down.

Did we all get sucked in by the Double Down?

Heart-stopper in a wrapper

There were about 15 people lined up at KFC at Kent Terrace this morning when it opened at 10am.

The Double Down features bacon and cheese squished between two chicken fillets instead of bread.

KFC have introduced the item in New Zealand for a limited time after strong sales in Australia and a social media petition from Kiwi fans.

General manager Brent Kitto said despite the uproar about health issues associated with the Double Down it was actually lower in calories and fat than some other burgers on the market.

"We know the Double Down is not for everyone. It's an occasional meal that Kiwis have a hunger for and is only available for a limited time."

The double down will cost $7.90 or $10.90 for a combo.



KFC's Double Down "burger" contains no bread, but has two chicken fillets, bacon, cheese and sauce – and a double dose of sodium.

The grilled chicken option, perceived as healthier, actually contains more salt than the fried version. One Chicago Tribune writer refused to call it a sandwich, instead labelling it a "meat-glorb". Nutritionists say it would take one hour of intense exercise to work it off.

KFC Original Recipe Double Down: 540 calories, 32 grams fat, 1380mg sodium

KFC Grilled Double Down: 460cals, 23g fat, 1430mg sodium

McDonald's Big Mac: 491cals, 26g fat, 1080mg sodium

Burger King Whopper: 663cals, 37g fat, 1017mg sodium

Pizza Hut Meatlovers (per slice): 202cals, 7g fat, 537mg sodium

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Subway: 456cals, 21.3g fat, 1200mg sodium.

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