Katy Perry kissed a boy

21:45, May 11 2011
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LUCKY GUY: Jimi Russell was invited on to the stage and took his shirt off for Katy Perry.

Two lucky guys got to share the stage with Katy Perry when she performed in Wellington on Tuesday - including one who complied with requests to get half-naked in front of thousands.

Fifteen-year-old James 'Jimi' Russell was on the stage in seconds after Perry wondered aloud if there were any hot boys in the crowd, and asked if anyone would take their shirt off.

Dominion Post music reviewer Simon Sweetman saw the whole thing unfold.

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PAYING LIP SERVICE: Wellington's Mason Kelliher, 12, says he won't let anybody touch that side of his face since Katy Perry's kiss.

A very keen young man had whipped his off within seconds, was pulled up on stage and allowed to kiss Perry, he said.

"I don't think she even finished the word 'T-shirt' when it landed on the stage. He was very eager."

Twelve-year-old Mason Kelliher was also plucked from the thousands to go on stage with the pop star – and moments later was rewarded with a kiss.


"She grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the front and kissed me on the cheek. All my friends, the guys, didn't believe me at first until my friends who were there told them it was me, and they were really jealous and stuff."

It was never the way Mason, a Wellington College pupil, had planned it. He was so overwhelmed by the fact he had caught Perry's attention that he couldn't really say if she was a good kisser.

"I don't know, I can't really remember because it was so exciting and stuff, but ... it was pretty good."

Her hand was a bit sweaty but she smelled like candy floss, he said. Unfortunately, she left no evidence of cherry chapstick on his face. "I went home and looked, but there was nothing. But I'm not letting people touch that side of my face."

Mason was not the only boy to end up as part of Perry's show. Dominion Post reviewer Simon Sweetman said at one point,

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