Job losses to hit military next week

Military personnel from Trentham, Linton and Defence Force Headquarters in Wellington face redundancy next week as nearly 200 uniformed staff are cut.

The cuts to military staff face come as part of Government's plan to save costs.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said 324 jobs now done by uniformed staff would be advertised next Thursday as civilian positions.

These jobs are now done by 512 military personnel and those who miss out will be redundant.

A similar round of job cuts is expected to follow later this year.

It was most likely to hit people towards the end of the military careers and morale was being hit, said Dr Mapp.

"People are very concerned and that is understandable....uncertainty does concern people."

As well as saving money, civilians miss out on allowances paid to servicemen and women - there were efficiency gains.

"Essentially we get more work out of fewer people" because they were not liable to be called on to do all sorts of other military tasks, said Dr Mapp after appearing before Parliaments foreign affairs and defence select committee today.

The Dominion Post