NBR rich list shows Hart's wealth swelling

GRAEME HART: Still New Zealand's richest.
GRAEME HART: Still New Zealand's richest.

Wealthy Wellingtonians Sir Peter Jackson and Sam Morgan have slipped down the rich list but both added to their millions in the past year.

Wellington's most affluent owe their riches to oil and gas, hobbits, property and the internet.

The most cashed-up in the capital and retaining the number three spot on the National Business Review rich list is the Todd Family, with an estimated wealth of $2.7 billion from its diverse range of investments.

SIR PETER JACKSON: Estimated wealth jumped up by $60m.
SIR PETER JACKSON: Estimated wealth jumped up by $60m.

Sir Peter follows in 12th place on $560 million, down one ranking despite an increase of $60m.

Following him in the capital is property investor Sir Bob Jones, tied for 15th place with Farmers owners Anne and David Norman, and Trevor Farmer on $400m.

Trade Me founder Morgan fell two places to the number 21 spot but his estimated wealth jumped $5m to $305m.

SAM MORGAN: Only a slight rise in estimated wealth, meant a drop in the rankings.
SAM MORGAN: Only a slight rise in estimated wealth, meant a drop in the rankings.

Wellingtonian of the Year Lloyd Morrison joins several others on the list at number 46 with an estimated $100m. He is ahead of the Nightingale Family - which owns Resene - at 51 and venture capitalist Neville Jordan at 55.

John Holdsworth - chairman of successful IT services firm Datacom - was the only Wellingtonian to break into the list this year, making his debut at 39-equal with $150m.

Packaging industry mogul Graeme Hart remains top dog in the list, with an estimated fortune of $6.5b.

Waikato's Richard Chandler is snapping at Hart's heels with $4b  from investments in the emerging economies of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Prime Minister John Key comes in at 56-equal with the Gibbons family, with $55m.
Other rich listers with a Wellington connection are Xero chief executive Rod Drury, dotcom pioneer Steve Outtrim, Brierley Investments founder Sir Ron Brierley, and Roy Savage  of NZ Safety Products.

Overall the county's 151 richest on the list have increased their collective fortunes 18 per cent to $45.2 billion from last year's $38.2b, when wealth dipped following the global financial crisis.

Hart, an Aucklander, first made his millions in printing and publishing, then food and timber and has now amassed a global packaging empire. His fortune has jumped 18 per cent from last year's estimated $5.5b.

Chandler, who split from his fellow billionaire brother Christopher in 2007, has nearly trebled his wealth in the past 12 months, from $1.4 billion the year before.

Irish born Central Otago farmer and property billionaire Eamon Cleary at number 4 held on to his $2b fortune, the same as last year.

Coming fifth equal with fortunes of $1.5b are Auckland's Lynne Erceg, widow of alcopop baron Michael Erceg, and Christopher Chandler, who now runs a global investment fund.

NBR said newly available information resulted in the five new entrants. Including Holdsworth they are Auckland gym king Philip Mills and his wife Jackie  founders of Les Mills International, construction and roading industry leaders, the Fulton and Hogan families, and Christchurch's Neil Graham, co-founder of sharemarket transport and freight firm Mainfreight.

As would be expected Auckland as New Zealand's largest city has produced most of the top ten.

This year the list numbers 151, with 99 men, only four women, 41 families and 7 pairings all passing the $50m threshold.


Six billionaires
145 multi-millionaires
$45.2b total wealth
18 per cent higher than 2010


1 Graeme Hart $6.5b
2 Richard Chandler $4b
3 Todd Family $2.7b
4 Eamon Cleary $2b
5= Lynette Erceg $1.5b
5= Christopher Chandler $1.5b
6= Michael Friedlander $900m
6= Owen Glenn $900m
6= Stephen Jennings $900m
7 Goodman Family $850m
8 Sir Douglas Myers $800m
9= Sir Michael Fay $725m
9= David Richwhite $725m
10 Spencer family $650m

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