Tindall bar bouncer remanded

00:14, Sep 19 2011
Jonathan Dixon
IN COURT TODAY: Jonathan Dixon has been charged over the CCTV footage of English rugby player Mike Tindall's night out in Queenstown.

The bouncer accused of stealing footage showing England rugby captain Mike Tindall cavorting with a mystery blonde has appeared in court.

Queenstown bouncer Jonathan Dixon was remanded without plea when he appeared in the Queenstown District Court this morning.

A media scrum, including representatives from the United Kingdom, waited outside the court for the 40-year-old bouncer to appear.

Dixon was charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.

He is due to appear again on October 3.

The English rugby captain and his royal wife, Zara Phillips, have shrugged off allegations of cheating fuelled by the video, which was posted on YouTube before being removed, saying the woman was an old friend.


Tindall was caught on camera with the blonde at a Queenstown bar last Saturday, dancing with and cuddling her.

Tindall's father, Paul, told British newspaper The Mirror that he had spoken to his son, who was ignoring the media attention and concentrating on his rugby.

"England have got a game to prepare for and that's the most important thing. All the players and coaching staff are supporting Mike and ignoring this," Tindall said.

"It's all just a fuss over nothing, which has only happened because of who Mike is married to."

Tindall said he knew his son would never cheat.

"I've seen the pictures and must say I don't recognise the girl in the footage at all, but I've been told she's a friend and I know nothing untoward would have happened."

The pair did not talk about Tindall's wife during the conversation, he said.

"We didn't speak about Zara at all. I don't think she is upset or has anything to be distressed about.

"The England team are ambassadors while they are in New Zealand and if people want to talk to them then they make themselves available."

Phillips - who married the rugby star less than two months ago - is also standing by her husband, saying the blonde is an old friend and the incident has been "blown out of all proportion".

A spokeswoman for Phillips said: "This girl in the video is an old friend of Mike and Zara and has known Mike since university days. She is English but lives in Australia and was on holiday in New Zealand. Zara is very relaxed about all this."

Yesterday, Dixon told The Daily Mail that he wanted Tindall appear as a witness if his case goes to trial.

"It's not that I'm the most moral person in the world, but I have a conscience and I was raised well and I didn't like what I saw. Anyone who does this kind of thing when they've made wedding vows in front of God should be ashamed of themselves.

"I wanted to tell him: ''Mr Tindall, you did something really wrong, not just to your wife but to your nation. I knew there was no chance of me ever standing in front of Tindall and giving him a piece of my mind about his conduct, so I decided to put it on YouTube so that everyone could see it and form their own opinion.''

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