How will councillors vote on the flyover?

Fireworks are expected today when Wellington city councillors decide whether to support one of two Basin Reserve flyover options proposed by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

But it is still possible they could support neither option and instead suggest an underground road between all or part of the Mt Victoria Tunnel and Buckle St.

The council will vote today on the flyover options and the will run a live blog from today's meeting.

Reserving their decision: Here's how your councillors have said they will vote on the flyover today:

Will you support a flyover in the council's submission?

Celia Wade-Brown: No
Helene Ritchie: No
John Morrison: Yes, option A
Ian McKinnon: Yes, option A
Leonie Gill: Yes, option A but extra mitigation required
Iona Pannett: No
Justin Lester: Yes, but only if appropriate mitigation is undertaken
Paul Eagle: No
Simon Marsh: Yes
Stephanie Cook: No

Will you be looking to introduce a tunnel option into the submission?

Celia Wade-Brown: Yes
Helene Ritchie: No
John Morrison: No, not affordable at this time
Ian McKinnon: No, but future-proof flyover for a Buckle St tunnel later
Leonie Gill: No, but future-proof flyover for a Buckle St tunnel later
Iona Pannett: Undecided
Justin Lester: Yes
Paul Eagle: Yes
Simon Marsh: No, but future-proof flyover for a Buckle St tunnel later
Stephanie Cook: Yes

Will you support option X through the council's submission?

Celia Wade-Brown: Maybe, but only if the plan is tweaked and made more affordable
Helene Ritchie: No
John Morrison: No, too expensive and wouldn't work
Ian McKinnon: No, too expensive and wouldn't work
Leonie Gill: No
Iona Pannett: Did not respond to the question
Justin Lester: Only if its design was revised
Paul Eagle: Yes, if the design was revised
Simon Marsh: No, too expensive
Stephanie Cook: No, but it's better than a flyover

Councillors Ray Ahipene-Mercer, Bryan Pepperell, Ngaire Marsh and Jo Coughlan did not respond to questions. Andy Foster declined to comment.

The council's draft submission, written by council officers, generally supports the agency's cheaper option - a $75 million flyover about 20 metres north of the Basin Reserve.

The other option, a $90m flyover about 65m north of the Basin, has not figured so far in the council's reckoning.

The agency would provide all the funding for the road, which would separate north-south traffic from east-west traffic around the Basin Reserve.

Council support for "grade separation" of traffic was voted on and agreed earlier this year. But the manner in which this would be achieved - a flyover or tunnel - was not debated.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is leading the charge for a tunnel of some sort to be included in the council's submission. She is supported by councillors including Justin Lester, Paul Eagle and Stephanie Cook.

The move comes despite the transport agency spelling out to councillors on Tuesday that there is no funding in the kitty for a tunnel option.

Instead, a flyover would be "future-proofed" so it could connect to a road beneath Buckle St should funds for its construction become available later.

The agency poured cold water on the Architecture Centre's underground road proposal, known as option X, for Buckle St. It said the costs of option X, originally estimated at $135m, could balloon out to more than $200m.

There is a strong contingent of councillors supporting a flyover option, including deputy mayor Ian McKinnon, John Morrison, Leonie Gill and Simon Marsh.

While the transport agency makes the ultimate decision on what goes ahead at the Basin, it is politically important to have the council on its side.

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