Driver did 127kmh in a 50kmh zone

18:44, Oct 12 2011

A driver caught doing 127kmh in a 50kmh zone at Wellington's Moa Pt was having trouble working out the speed his newly bought Mercedes Benz was doing, a court has been told.

Mario Giannoutsos, 42, of Otaki was clocked by police doing 77kmh above the speed limit just after midnight on July 30 while driving along Moa Pt Rd.

Police saw him pull out of the airport tunnel and head north accelerating. A laser targeting his second-hand silver 1999 Mercedes-Benz recorded the high speed.

Giannoutsos was automatically suspended from driving for 28 days.

Wellington District Court duty solicitor Barbara Hunt said yesterday that Giannoutsos had only recently bought the car and was having trouble with it, including being unable to work out the speed he was going because the lights on the dashboard were not working. He had been driving to check out what was wrong with the car.

Judge Davidson fined him $600. The maximum he could have been fined was $1000.

The judge said it was not a charge where he could be convicted as he would normally receive an infringement notice. He was not disqualified from driving.


The Dominion Post