Beer bottle bed sells for $3,000

LABOUR OF LOVE: Steve Sandvoss sold his beer bottle bed on Trade Me for $3000.
LABOUR OF LOVE: Steve Sandvoss sold his beer bottle bed on Trade Me for $3000.

Collecting the by-products of his family's tipples has paid dividends for a Waikanae Beach man.

Steve Sandvoss' beer bottle bed has sold on online auction website Trade Me for $3000.

The auction, which ended last Wednesday, was for a bed which comprised of 212 full bottles and 106 half bottles that sport a single mattress with a florescent green light housed in the base.

It was won by trademe user pen25, and exceeded the reserve price of$2,500.00.

The quirky auction was viewed over 73,000 times and attracted dozens of comments.

About two years ago Mr Sandvoss, who works as a carpenter, was watching TV with his partner while having a few beers.

Ending up with a pile of empty Heineken bottles, he decided there must be a better use for the glass and his mind began to wander.

The result, Mr Sandvoss said after collecting the bottles from family they sat in his garage for a year before he got to work on plans for the bed.

"They (the bottles) were all mouldy and disgusting. It took about 20 hours and two litres of turps to clean them up."

Finally completing the project after about another year of tinkering in his weekends, he said it was quite sad that it was finished and would be sold.

"I really like the bed and I wouldn't mind just hanging on to it because I really, really like it. I wouldn't mind having it in my lounge, I think I'll get really emotional when I sell it."

The bed is made up of a top and bottom wooden plate with the bottles rebated into the timber, so they would not smash from the weight, he said.

Mr Sandvoss stated that the proceeds of the auction would go towards funding his upcoming wedding.