Sex addicts wanted for study

If you are addicted to sex – be it risky, online, or paid for – then Massey University might be able to help.

Psychology student Karen Faisandier is looking for 20 Kiwi males, over the age of 18, to take part in her doctoral study on how best to treat out-of-control sexual behaviours, or OCSB.

Ms Faisandier defines such behaviour as a difficulty regulating sexual thoughts, feelings or behaviours, to the extent that they cause distress or negative consequences on you or those around you.

Treatment is commonly approached in the same way you would a drug addiction, through group therapy and 12-step models. But Ms Faisandier hopes her research will uncover new methods.

"Internationally, there isn't a lot of research looking at how successful those treatments are, and the few studies that have been done show there's a high drop-out rate or high relapse rate."

Without wanting to reveal her actual methods, Ms Faisandier said her study would look at repairing the relationships of people suffering from OCSB, rather than focusing on the individual.

As part of her honours degree in 2010, Ms Faisandier undertook the first New Zealand study of people with out-of-control sexual behaviour. She found the majority of "sex addicts" actually shied away from being intimate with their partners and found the concept of relationships threatening.

With such a sensitive subject, Ms Faisandier said the confidentiality of her test subjects was held in the highest regard, which made them very forthcoming.

"With my last study, I had quite a lot of interest. About 600 people filled out my questionnaire on the first night."


If you are a man, aged 18 or older, who thinks he has OCSB and can attend 12 one hour-long appointments in either Auckland or Palmerston North then contact

There will be some cost.