Free Fall app proves popular

Mark Major's fortunes have anything but plummeted since the release of an app based on his 9-metre fall down a building shaft in China.

The Evans Bay man launched free mobile phone app Plummet Free Fall about a week ago and the game has had 3000 downloads already from as far away as the United States and China.

"It's quite funny building this little app in my room in Evans Bay and being talked about in China and the United States and Indonesia."

The free game was inspired by Major's experience of falling down a lift shaft in Beijing while he was on an internship about seven years ago.

"The sole moment I remember was the free-falling plummet and also the impact of hitting a plank of wood about 6 metres into my 9-metre fall. That was very much the lifesaver, I believe," he said.

Major, now 28, shattered a vertebra in his back and spent six months in bed or in a back brace.

The story behind the app was helping with publicity, Major said, but he's not making enough from the advertising inside the game to quit his day job just yet.

Because downloads are going so well, however, he has set his sights on reaching 100,000 in six weeks and is working on an Android version of the app "so Grandma can play it".

A story about the app and Major's fall is due to appear in English-language newspaper China Daily next week and he said the app had earned 4 1/2 review stars in the Apple store already and had been described as addictive.

Major is proud to say he still holds the top score globally - so far.

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 - The Dominion Post


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