Wellington crime: Total crimes

This month Statistics NZ published data from crimes that happended throughout the Wellington police district.

There were 42,444 crimes reported so we have picked out some trends to show the impact of crime on residents and police.

Words: Blair Ensor; Data: Blayne Slabbert

Is there more crime now than there was 18 years ago?

How many unresolved cases are there in Wellington?

Reported crime compared to resolved crimes

Wellington District Commander Superintendent Mike Rusbatch explains the trends from a police perspective.

The decline in reported crime is pleasing, but there is still a lot of work to be done, Mr Rusbatch says.

"Our job is to prevent crime before it happens so what we want to do is drive down crime further.

"The numbers we are talking about here are still too high. Any crime is really unacceptable."

An increase in the visibility of police on the regions streets and roads is part of the reason for the reduction, he says.

"In more recent years we've spent a lot more time and effort building up the capability of staff and understanding crime and crash science."

Four per cent of locations in the Wellington district account for 23 per cent of police's work, Mr Rusbatch says.

"That's quite a compelling statistic."

Police were deploying people in those areas to meet demand.

Mr Rusbatch says the resolution rates do not include crimes solved 14 days outside of each calendar year. Therefore resolution rates in the graph are lower than they should be, he says.

Serious offences like homicides and sexual assaults have higher resolution rates because more resources are dedicated to solving them.

"One thing I want to be able to do is go to victims and tell them we have solved their case. I would like to see us increase our resolution rate further."

Area population: 44,000
Police staff: 82 including 70 sworn constables.

Hutt Valley
Area population: 144,500
Police staff: 230 including 190 sworn constables.

Kapiti Mana
Area population: 113,000
Police staff: 154 including 136 sworn constables.

Wellington Central
Population: 177,500
Police staff: 265 including 237 sworn constables

Tomorrow in The Dominion Post: Further analysis of the crime trends - and what the police say they are doing about it.

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