Wellington crime statistics revealed

Click on each image below for detailed interactive graphs for your area for each crime category.

New technology is making crime more visible than ever and driving a fear among some people that crime is escalating, police say.

However, overall crime in the Wellington region is going down. Graphs made by The Dominion Post, using the latest police statistics, depict actual trends and reveal exactly where crime is going up and down and which crimes you are most likely to be a victim of.

Last year 42,444 crimes were reported to police. The figures represents a 20 per cent decrease since 1994.

Wellington District Commander Superintendent Mike Rusbatch sat down with the graphs and explained the trends from a police perspective.


Spans 813,005 hectares and 497 kilometres of coastline.

Bordered to the north by Peka Peka, spreads east across across the Tararua Ranges to the Wairarapa and south to include the Hutt Valley, Porirua and Wellington city.

Also includes the Chatham Islands, where one constable is stationed.

Area population: 44,000
Police staff: 82 including 70 sworn constables.

Hutt Valley
Area population: 144,500
Police staff: 230 including 190 sworn constables.

Kapiti Mana
Area population: 113,000
Police staff: 154 including 136 sworn constables.

Wellington Central
Population: 177,500
Police staff: 265 including 237 sworn constables


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