Wellington crime: Homicides

This week Statistics NZ published data from crimes that happend throughout the Wellington police district.

There were 42,444 crimes reported so we have picked out some trends to show the impact of crime on residents and police.

Words: Blair Ensor; Data: Blayne Slabbert

Are the number of homicides going up or down?

How many homicides have there been in the regions in the past 18 years?


Wellington District Commander Superintendent Mike Rusbatch explains the trends from a police perspective.

"What we are seeing is a trend towards reduction in homicides," Mr Rusbatch says.

"Any homicide is unacceptable, but they are sufficiently low that we don't see clear trends [across the district]."

Police know a lot more about homicides than they used to, he says.

Approximately half of them are family violence related.

"Sometimes the perception people have is that they are going to be randomly targeted. What we know about homicides is that they will generally be someone who is well known to you."

Mr Rusbatch says police have identified at risk communities like Naenae and Cannons Creek and put in dedicated teams to deal with issues before major incidents can occur.

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