Wellington crime: Drugs

This month Statistics NZ published data from crimes that happended throughout the Wellington police district.

There were 42,444 crimes reported so we have picked out some trends to show the impact of drug crimes on residents and police.

Words: Blair Ensor; Data: Blayne Slabbert.

Where were the most drug crimes last year?

Recorded drug crimes compared to resolved drug crimes?

Wellington District Commander Superintendent Mike Rusbatch explains the trends from a police perspective.

Wellington city had the greatest number of unresolved drug crimes last year, but the clearance rate of 93.3 per cent is still very good, Mr Rusbatch says.

"We've put more effort into targeting organised crime, gangs and drugs. What we are very much focussed on is our recidivist offenders. They actually drive most of our crime.

"What we want to do is get into their lives, better target them, and disrupt their activities."

Alcohol is the drug, which poses the biggest problem for police, but Methamphetamine [P] creates a lot of serious crime, he says.

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